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Culture in Hofheim am Taunus

While Hofheim clearly doesn’t have the cultural resources of Frankfurt, Wiesbaden or Mainz, the city has been able to carve out a sound niche of cultural offerings for both residents and visitors from the Rhein-Main region.

The cultural activities range from theatre, cabaret, concerts and exhibitions at the municipal museum, multi-media at the local library, to more than 70 artistic or cultural clubs. The offerings are so diverse that everyone can find something which corresponds to their interests.

In addition, there are public libraries in Hofheim's town centre and in the districts of Lorsbach, Wallau and Wildsachsen. Institutions such as the Volksbildungsverein Hofheim with its accompanying school of music, the Volksbildungswerk Marxheim, the "Wallauer Fachwerk", the district's adult education centre and the Kunstverein Hofheim also provide many opportunities for cultural activities.

Hofheim is also host to a number of outdoor festivals, such as the May Fair, Gallus Fair, KreisStadtSommer and St Nicholas Fair, which attract thousands of people from the surrounding areas. The romantic ambience of the historical old town contributes to the special atmosphere at these annual events. Twice a week, a farmers’ market also takes place at the Untertor (city gate).


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