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Hofheim am Taunus

Hofheim is equidistant from Frankfurt and Wiesbaden. Thanks to its central location, excellent S-Bahn connection and proximity to the “Internationale Schule Frankfurt”, ISF (offering international education), Hofheim has become increasingly popular with the international community. Indeed, it takes only minutes by car to reach Frankfurt Airport or downtown Frankfurt by train.

The first thing that many people notice about Hofheim is its historic old town, with its carefully restored half-timbered homes, street cafes and shops. But Hofheim is also a green city. Nearly 40% of the city’s total area is forested, which means that leisure activities – whether it’s golf, horseback riding, mountain biking or hiking – can start right at your doorstep. Depending on where you live, Hofheim’s altitude is between 120 and 420 metres above sea level, which helps to create a comfortable climate.

The earliest recorded settlements of Hofheim date back to the early Stone Age. The name "Hoveheim" was first mentioned in a document in 1263, and in 1352 Hofheim received its town charter from Charles IV. After a succession of different rulers, the town fell to the Counts of Eppstein. From 1535 to 1581 the Counts of Stolberg ruled Hofheim, and the town was later given to Kurmainz. Finally, in 1803, the town came under the power of the Duchy of Nassau and became Prussian in 1866.

Hofheim's economic rise came with the building of the railway to Niedernhausen (1874 to 1877). The Main Taunus Kreis administrative district was founded in 1928, and in 1980 Hofheim was named its administrative seat.

Today Hofheim, together with the incorporated towns of Diedenbergen, Langenhain, Lorsbach, Marxheim, Wallau and Wildsachsen, has 40,000 inhabitants. Thanks to its role as the administrative seat of the Main Taunus Kreis (which is the centralized government for 12 surrounding cities), Hofheim boasts a very good infrastructure of hospitals, schools, businesses and cultural offerings.

Hofheim’s municipal hall (Stadthalle) hosts a wide variety of theatrical productions, cabaret and concerts. The city museum, which was built on the foundation of a historic farmhouse, displays a permanent local history collection, but also four new exhibitions annually. The local library and city archives are well equipped with multi-media offerings. And this is all rounded out by more than 250 different volunteer groups, clubs or associations.

On the sports front, Hofheim is home to one of the most modern waterparks and wellness facilities in the region – Rhein Main Therme – which attracts nearly 500,000 visitors annually. In addition, Hofheim also has an 18-hole golf course "Hof Hausen vor der Sonne". Other sporting options include the Sport Park Heide, which offers two football pitches, tennis courts, and a track & field facility.

Hofheim has had an active sister city partnership program with Chinon, on the river Vienne in France, since 1967, Tiverton, on the river Exe in England, since 1980, Buccino, in Italy, since 2008 and Pruszcz Gdański, in Poland, since 2012.

Hofheim has an excellent network of schools within the Main Taunus Kreis, ranging from public to private schools from Kindergarten to nineteen. It is also worth noting that Hofheim is only a 10-minute drive to the ‘Internationale Schule Frankfurt - Rhein – Main’ international school in the neighboring town of Sindlingen, which has more than 1,000 students and offers a curriculum in English.


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