Hofheim as a Business Location

Why here? Because the conditions are right for your investment, both the "hard" and "soft" factors. Hofheim is home to large international companies such as Polar-Mohr, the world's largest manufacturer of paper cutting machinery, and IKEA. But more than 3,000 small and medium-sized businesses in the services, trades or crafts are also located here, making for a balanced economic structure.

Hofheim’s advantage lies in its proximity to the Rhein-Main Region. The city is:

  • Near 5 national highways and two regional train lines
  • Near the cities of Frankfurt, Wiesbaden and Mainz, as well as Frankfurt Airport.
  • Easily accessible to its residents via a modern administrative structure (for example, the Bürger Büro, providing information and admin for its citizens, is open 50 hours per week).
  • Near to the unique historic old town with its quaint charm.
  • home to a variety of gastronomic outlets.
  • Able to provide a diversity of sports (such as the Rhein-Main-Therme waterpark and an 18-hole golf course).
  • A place of many cultural offerings, as well as diverse clubs, churches and private initiatives.
  • Near to nature thanks to its location at the foot of the Taunus mountains
  • Able to provide international education via the nearby Internationale Schule Frankfurt - Rhein - Main in Sindlingen

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